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What We’re About

Clearlight is more than just infrared saunas. We’re about your wellbeing. Our team regularly use our saunas because we truly believe in their healing powers. You can be sure that we will never share or sell you something that we won’t use ourselves.


Our dedication to your health and wellness means we go that extra mile to understand your needs and continue to look for ways to heal the body. We strive to always remain cutting edge and innovative, to use the best technology and to empower you to heal yourself. Above all, we shall always put people before profit.


Clearlight International is a collaboration with Clearlight US to distribute Clearlight products in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We run our business with the same hands-on and customer first approach as our mother company in the US.

The Founders Of Clearlight International

As health enthusiasts, it was inevitable that Sebastian Mierau and Johannes Kettelhodt would one day found a company that complements their passion for wellness.


In fact, it was during one of Sebastian’s regular visits to health conferences in the United States, that he met the Clearlight US sauna team and fell in love with the product — as much as the people behind it. The more Sebastian learnt about Clearlight and their approach to infrared therapy, the more convinced he became.


It was amazing to see a product that was being recommended by so many of the health experts I’d been following for years. Infrared was consistently singled out as one of the most comprehensive health tools available.” — Sebastian Mierau


Partnering up with his friend and former colleague, Johannes, Clearlight International was soon founded in 2014 with distribution around Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific.


Seeing that there was a huge demand for Clearlight Infrared Saunas in the UK and EU, it wasn’t long before they decided to expand to Europe. Johannes setup the Hamburg based headquarters in 2015 as a central hub to distribute Europe-wide. Soon after, a second warehouse was set up in the UK to cater to the rapidly expanding market.


Together, their vision is to create a company that shares the values at the heart of Clearlight US: one which focuses on the customer first and foremost, healing the body, and making people’s day – customers as well as employees.

Dr. Raleigh Duncan And Clearlight US

None of this would be possible without the work and dedication of Dr. Raleigh Duncan, founder and president of Clearlight Saunas US. For 20 years Dr. Duncan poured his expertise and research into infrared therapy and his many years of experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic can be felt in every Clearlight Sauna model.

Nine years ago Dr. Duncan invented the first low-EMF Infrared Heater, which created an awareness of the risks related to high EMF exposure in the sauna industry. The result of his work and dedication are our True Wave far infrared and full spectrum infrared heaters that were designed, tested and approved by Dr. Duncan. Thousands of our customers have benefited from the effectiveness of the infrared heaters in their Clearlight Sauna model.