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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a far infrared sauna work?

The idea behind infrared therapy is to heat your body directly with far infrared heat. In a traditional sauna you are just sitting in a hot room of 80°C-105°C. In an infrared sauna, the heat is heating your body directly and only 20% of the heat is heating the air. You want to heat your body core, meaning your front core and your back core. Your body absorbs the infrared heat and reacts to it. The infrared heat raise your core body temperature and stimulates your lymphatic system, immune system and your cardiovascular system. Your body’s response to that is to sweat profusely. In addition to the infrared heat triggering a profuse sweat, the water in our bodies also resonates with far infrared heat and this also helps with the detoxification process. With this in mind, you now understand why we stress the importance of both front and back wall heaters in an infrared sauna. If you do not have front heaters in your sauna, you will not raise your core body temperature as well and you will not receive as much of the desired effect. All of our Clearlight Infrared Saunas have heaters all around you… on your front, back, sides and legs.

Why is Cedar best?

The traditional sauna for thousands of years has been made predominately from close grain cedar for many reasons:


  1. Cedarwood is soft wood that resists the cracking and splitting caused by the heating up and cooling down in the sauna. No sauna wood lasts longer than cedarwood.
  2. Cedarwood contains aromatic oils that are known for their healing and cleansing properties to aid detoxification during the sauna. Cedarwood can also help disperse excess fluids throughout the body.
  3. Cedarwood is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial owing to the unique properties of the cedar oil. This is especially important in the sauna where bodies, moisture and heat combine to make the environment perfect for molds and bacteria.
  4. Cedarwood is one of the most beautiful woods available ranging from a very light honey to a deep walnut shade.
  5. Cedarwood smells good and gives you a true experience. Normally a “non-aromatic”cedar is used in sauna construction that is very subtle and satisfying to the senses.
  6.  Cedarwood can be easily sanded inside the sauna to remove any stains caused by perspiration and to bring back the fresh cedar smell.
  7. There is a lot of misinformation about cedar wood on the internet. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put it best in their September, 1993 report: “EPA believes it is unnecessary to regulate these products because they pose little or no risk to human health or the environment…EPA is not aware of any evidence of injury to human health or the environment due to their use.


Cedar is non-toxic according to the Regulatory Information for Cedar from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and World Health Organization(WHO). Please note that an extremely small percentage of the population cannot tolerate the smell of cedarwood. These people have multiple chemical sensitivities(MCS). These people cannot as a rule tolerate any aromatic oils, perfumes, shampoos or herbs. This is unfortunate, but for the rest of us, cedarwood is the sauna wood of choice.

How long is the warranty on my Clearlight Infrared Sauna?

Clearlight prides itself on being one of the few companies that provides you with a genuine lifetime warranty on the entire sauna – heaters, wood, controls and electrical. Your Clearlight Infrared Sauna is built in a modular fashion so replacing parts or panels is never an issue. We only use the highest quality materials in each Clearlight Infrared Sauna to minimize the possibility of warranty issues. Very few infrared sauna companies offer this type of complete lifetime warranty.

Will I need to hire electrician?

Different saunas have different requirements for electrical receptacles, however only three of our sauna models will require more than the standard housing socket (10 amp). Before your sauna arrives please check that you have the correct electrical receptacle and amperage for your sauna. For the non-standard outlets you may require the assistance of an electrician if you do not currently have such an outlet. Standard (10 amp) power outlets are required for the: Essential Saunas, Premier Saunas IS-1 & IS-3, Sanctuary Saunas 1-3, and the Clearlight Curve Sauna Dome/Pad 240v/15 amp power outlets are required for the: Premier Sauna IS-5, Sanctuary Y, and Sanctuary C 240v/20 amp power outlets are required for the: Sanctuary Outdoor

What is the optimum infrared frequency for an infrared sauna?

The infrared frequency of any infrared heater is determined by the surface temperature of the heater itself. The lower the surface temperature of the heater, the longer the infrared wave and the more beneficial the infrared heat will be. Our large True Wave II™ heaters run at an optimal 90°C surface temperature producing exceptional quality far infrared heat. This means our heaters produce the majority of the infrared heat in the vital wave range of 5 to 15 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4, the optimal absorption range of far infrared by the human body. Only Clearlight Infrared True Wave II heaters combine the high infrared output of ceramic with long wave carbon infrared heat to produce the most effective infrared heaters available. You can only find this patented combination at Clearight Infrared Saunas!

Do you just sell your True Wave II far infrared heaters individually?

Absolutely. We have designed a UL certified far infrared heater kit and control panel system so you can install our True Wave II heaters in your already existing sauna or one your are building yourself. You can even install these in that small room you’ve always wanted to convert into a sauna.  The heater package consists of enough heaters for your designated space, digital keypad control and power supply and all necessary cables.

Is far infrared heat safe?

Infrared heat is completely safe and all objects give off and receive infrared heat. In fact, it is so safe, hospitals use similar heaters to warm newborns. Infrared is a part of nature and essential for life.  The human body gives off and receives infrared in the far infrared band. When a mother rubs a babies stomach to relieve pain, it is the infrared heat from her hand that is causing the healing effect.  We have tuned our True Wave heaters to give off far infrared in this same range for maximum absorption by your body and for maximum therapeutic benefits.

Can I put my Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna outside?

Yes, all Clearlight Infrared Sauna Models can be used outside. Because we use high-pressure bindings and precision handcraftsmanship, our sauna cabinetry can endure outdoor humidity and dryness as long as you protect it with our optional waterproof cover.  Infrared saunas are designed to heat the human body, not the air. Only about 20% of the heat from our heaters goes to heat the air. Because of this, if you live in a place where the temperature gets below 5°C, we don’t recommend putting the sauna outside. It will take much longer for the cabin to warm up and it will not get as hot.  Please consult one of our infrared sauna specialists for more information about putting your sauna outside.

How is my Clearlight Infrared Sauna shipped and will it be delivered into my house?

Your new Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna will generally arrive at your home 3 – 7 days from the date it leaves our warehouse in Germany.  As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we ship every Clearlight Infrared Sauna with a few higher levels of service. First, our freight carrier will call to schedule an appointment to deliver your sauna. There is no worry that your sauna will arrive unexpectedly.  Second, your sauna will be delivered on a truck with a lift gate to ensure that any possibility of freight damage is minimized.  Third, the delivery driver will move your sauna off of the truck and bring it into your garage or the first dry area. At this point, just open up the boxes and move the panels into place.  Setup time for all of our sauna models is about 45 minutes to an hour and requires 2 adults.

Can I receive constant infrared heat from my Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna?

Yes. The ideal way to use any infrared sauna is to have the infrared heaters on the entire time producing the optimal infrared heat you desire. Infrared heat is most effective at lower temperatures as sweat oils secrete at lower temperatures and this sweat is different than water sweat.  Your Clearlight Far Infrared sauna is designed to heat your body more so than to heat the cabin (about 80% of the heat heats your body and 20% of the heat heats the sauna cabin). The following is our recommendation for use of your sauna:


  1. Turn your sauna on and set the controller to between 35°C and 40°C. It should take about 15-20 minutes to reach that temperature depending on the ambient room temperature.
  2. After this short warm up time, get in the sauna and turn the temperature on the thermostat up very high (60-70°C).
  3. Sit back and enjoy your sauna session. Since the key to infrared therapy is heating your body core, you will find that you sweat more sitting up in the sauna with your back lined up with the back wall heaters heating your body core from the back. This positions you in such a way that the front wall heaters will be heating your front body core.
  4. During your session the temperature will slowly climb inside the sauna cabin. Remember, your Clearlight Infrared Sauna is heating your body more so than heating the air.
  5. Stay Well Hydrated. We put this in bold because it is essential to stay well hydrated when using your sauna. It is estimated that 70% of people are dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, your body holds on to water and will not allow you to sweat very much. It is recommended to drink water before you get in the sauna and bring a liter of water into the sauna with you and drink it during your session.


Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers that offer constant infrared heat by reducing the output of their heaters. At the reduced output you are not receiving optimal infrared heat

Shipping and Returns Policy

At Clearlight our goal is to make your infrared sauna buying experience simple, efficient and easy. Our promise is to ensure your total satisfaction. Shipping damage claims are rare, but they do happen. In the event of shipping damage we will promptly replace or fix the damage to your satisfaction.  To see our full Shipping and Returns Policy, please go to our Shipping and Returns Policy page

Infrared sauna buying guide


knowl·edge n. confident understanding of a subject, potentially with the ability to use it for a specific purpose.


com·par·i·son n. a statement or estimate of similarities and differences.


con·fi·dence n. a feeling of assurance



As a leader in the infrared sauna business for over 18 years, we understand that purchasing an infrared sauna can be confusing. What are the differences? What wood is best? Does the warranty matter? How is the sauna manufactured? What are the differences between heaters? Does the heater produce potentially dangerous levels of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)? These are just a few of the questions you might have. We put together this infrared sauna buying guide to help answer some of these questions.


The following are some straight answers to some of the more common questions we receive regarding the sauna selection process. Please feel free to give us a call on 011 8324 1242 if you would like to discuss this with one of our infrared sauna specialists.



For many years the high quality far infrared saunas dominated the infrared sauna market. Craftsmanship, for the most part was very high. Woods used were Clear Canadian Cedar and quality white woods such as basswood. The majority of infrared heaters used were ceramic and metal, with ceramic being the preferred type because of higher efficiency and infrared output. Rigid quality control of woods and glues used, electrical safety and consistent after sale support have been the hallmarks of our industry.


In the last 7 years, the growth of the internet and cheap manufacturing has spawned numerous upstart sauna companies importing containers of infrared saunas with no understanding of the therapeutic benefits of infrared therapy. They offer low cost and low quality saunas on the web; saunas as a cheap commodity.


When this started happening, we were approached by several of these manufacturers to sell their low quality saunas. We thought if we could give our customers a high quality sauna for a better price that would be great. We set about to look at and inspect the different saunas.


We started looking and were immediately appalled at the quality in materials and construction and lack of safety down to even the basic wiring. The controls and heaters were cheap and barely functional. The aesthetics were all wrong. Some had a noxious odor from toxic glues being used. Others had horrible smells from the wood itself. The wood had not been finished sanded; rough to the touch as you passed your hand over the wood. Staples, mismatched veneers, dangling and bare wires… not acceptable.


In the last 2-3 years, some of the manufacturing quality has improved to a more passable level, but the quality is at best average and the companies both manufacturing and importing the sauna have no real knowledge and understanding of Infrared Therapy. They don’t know how to place the heaters in the sauna for optimal effectiveness and they favor form over function. For example, large glass windows on the front of the sauna my look good, but the glass will not allow them to put front heaters in the sauna. This is a big mistake. The idea behind infrared therapy is to heat your body so you want to heat the front and back of your body. Without front heaters, the sauna is only running half way.


We had a short meeting and decided that we were not interested in offering this type of product to our customers, ever. The cheaper saunas were made from inferior wood, low quality and inexpensive metal rod or carbon only heaters and were manufactured with inferior quality standards. Some call it inexpensive, we call it cheap.


At Clearlight we have a philosophy. We consider that our customers are like our friends. We hope that they will love our saunas so much that they will tell their friends and then their friends will try the sauna and eventually buy their own. This is one of the main reasons that our business has prospered for so long (over 18 years) with a large part of our business based on referrals from existing customers.


We believe your Clearlight Infrared Sauna purchase is a once in a lifetime investment in your health and your lifestyle. We have paid close attention to every detail to insure that your 100% western red Canadian cedar sauna is the highest quality sauna available and we back these words with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty on the entire sauna.

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The challenge for the consumer today is that unless you can see it in person, you cannot tell the difference between a quality infrared sauna and a cheap knock-off, the pictures on the web look basically the same.


Questions we receive:

Why do so many saunas look the same from website to website?

Answer: That’s because they are. Many companies are importing containers of the same saunas or saunas with only slight variations. Look at the keypad to tell which are from the same factory; it’s somewhat amusing. We’re flattered that they’ve decided to knock-off the look that Clearlight Infrared Saunas pioneered.

How does a Clearlight Infrared sauna differ?

Answer: Quality of design and construction and superior heating technology. At Clearlight Infrared Saunas we start with the finest clear Western Red Canadian Cedar. All saunas are built by hand to our strict 128 point Quality Control. No sauna leaves the factory without being fully tested and approved. With the ETL and CE certification, we are bound to provide a high quality product. We use no toxic glues. Our saunas are hand sanded, the handles and trim are hand crafted, the tongue and groove cedar is color matched to look beautiful and all Clearlight Infrared Saunas are designed to give you a lifetime of health and relaxation benefits.


Not willing to settle with industrial heaters in our saunas, we manufacture our own patented far infrared heaters; our True Wave II combination Carbon/Ceramic heaters. Almost every other infrared sauna company uses industrial heaters that have been adapted to be used in an infrared sauna.


Being innovators and trend setters in the infrared sauna industry, we have always set the trends that guide the industry. Our True Wave II far infrared heaters are the only infrared heaters on the market that combine both the high output of ceramic with the long wavelengh of carbon to produce a sauna session that is unmatched. These heaters are designed to heat the human body.

How is Clearlight Infrared different from other infrared sauna companies?

Answer: With over 18 years in the infrared sauna business, all we do is manufacture and sell far infrared saunas. While our sauna cabin are exceptional quality with hand sanded panels, high quality close grain wood and attention to detail, the therapeutic benefits are our main focus.


Our R&D department is always researching new and tested components for your sauna so when you buy a Clearlight Infrared Sauna, you are buying the highest quality, most therapeutic infrared sauna available.


With our full lifetime warranty, we stand behind our saunas. This warranty covers the entire sauna; the wood cabin, heaters, controls and even the AM/FM/CD player. We will be here next year and five years from now should you need replacement parts or have any questions about the proper use or your sauna.

What type of infrared heater is best?

Answer: When comparing far infrared sauna heaters you need to look at the size of the heater, the material that is producing the infrared heat, the quality of the heat and the temperature that the heater runs at.


The two most common materials used in far infrared heaters are ceramic and carbon. Ceramic is a very efficient, effective material when heated to produce infrared heat. Ceramic has a very high emissivity rating, meaning it produces a lot of infrared heat. The draw back to ceramic heaters is that they tend to produce a shorter infrared wavelength. Shorter infrared are not as easily absorbed by the human body so they are less therapeutic. Generally speaking, Carbon infrared heaters produce a longer infrared wavelength. Carbon is very light so the heaters can be bigger and can run at a lower surface temperature. These low surface temperatures produce long wave infrared heat. Long wave far infrared heat is readily absorbed by the human body and will produce more desirable results. The drawback of carbon heaters is that, while they produce high quality infrared heat, they do not produce a lot of infrared. They are not as emissive as a ceramic heater. Most companies that use carbon heaters extend their heaters well up into the head region and almost to the ceiling in the sauna in an effort to try and get more heat into the sauna. This is wasted infrared heat as it is only heating the air over your head and not your body directly. We also believe heating the head directly is not recommended in infrared therapy.


Some companies still use old style metal rod heaters with reflectors and these are are lower quality infrared heaters for a few reasons. Metal rod heaters require reflectors to produce infrared heat and must run at a very high temperature. The primary wave of the infrared heat is reflected and changed when bounced off of the metal surface producing a secondary infrared heat which is less effective and diluted.


Our True Wave II far infrared heaters are the only infrared heaters that combine both carbon and ceramic for a truly exceptional infrared sauna experience. They are built by us and designed to heat the human body. These heaters produce the long wave infrared heat of a carbon heaters with the very high infrared output of a ceramic heater. It really is the best of both worlds and they are fantastic infrared heaters. Within seconds of sitting in a Clearlight Infrared Sauna you can feel the difference of the quality of the infrared heat. You will not find this heating technology anywhere else. It is exclusive to Clearlight Infrared Saunas.

Why are low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) levels important?

Answer: Our True Wave II infrared heater are also the only carbon based infrared heaters with virtually no EMF (Electromagnectic Fields). More and more research is being conducted into the harmful effects of EMF. That is why our R&D department spent over two years developing a patent pending method to eliminate virtually all of the EMF from our heaters. Most of our competitors have EMF levels 20 to 50 times our heaters. With an average EMF level of about 2.4mg when tested directly on the heater, it is well below the CDC’s recommendation of a maximum of 3mg.


Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMF’s. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns “There is reason for concern” and advises prudent avoidance”.


Martin Halper, the EPA’s Director of Analysis and Support says “I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we’re seeing with EMFs. Clearly there is something here.”


Some health effects linked with EMF are:

  • Memory Loss
  • Depression
  • Loss of Energy
  • Irritability
  • Inability To Concentrate
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Headaches


Dr. Duncan, the founder of Clearlight Infrared Saunas, has always put the therapeutic results of our saunas as our number one priority. Seeing the research and information available on the harmful effects of EMF, we felt that if there is a chance that high levels of EMF can cause health issues, we needed to find a way to bring the levels down as low as possible. We are the only company to accomplish this with our True Wave IIfar infrared heaters.


To find out more about EMF and it effects, please click here.

What type of wood is best?

Answer: The traditional sauna for thousands of years has been made predominately from close grain clear cedar for many obvious reasons:

  1. Cedar wood is a soft wood that resists cracking and splitting caused by the heating up and cooling down in the sauna. No sauna wood lasts longer than cedar wood.
  2. Cedar wood contains aromatic oils that are known for their healing and cleansing properties to aid detoxification during the sauna. Cedar wood can also help disperse excess fluids throughout the body.
  3. Cedar wood is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial owing to the unique properties of the cedar oil. This is especially important in the sauna where bodies, moisture and heat combine to make the environment perfect for molds and bacteria.
  4. Cedar wood is one of the most beautiful woods available ranging from a very light honey to a deep walnut shade.
  5. Cedar wood smells good and gives you a true experience. Normally a non-aromatic cedar is used in sauna construction that is very subtle and satisfying to the senses.
  6. Cedar wood can be easily sanded inside the sauna to remove any stains caused by perspiration and to bring back the fresh cedar smell.
  7. At Clearlight Infrared Saunas we use Eco Certified grade “A” clear cedar. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality products. Our Eco Certified cedar meets three sustainability standards.

What does the warranty cover and how long is the warranty?

Answer: When buying an infrared sauna it is important to understand why a lifetime warranty on the entire sauna is important. Most companies selling infrared saunas only cover the heaters under their warranty and only for a limited time. A lifetime warranty on the heater is the most critical component of the warranty.


You also want to make sure that all electrical components including the controller are covered under the warranty because if the controller goes out for some reason, you want to be able to replace it or your sauna becomes a cedar closet. You want to make sure that you can call the company up on the phone in five years and speak the same language or the best warranty in the world is of no use.


It is also important to make sure the wooden sauna cabin is covered. The wood used in your sauna must be dried to be used in sauna construction. If the wood is not dried properly it may start to warp over time. We have heard of companies adding formaldehyde to the wood to help it kiln dry faster. These shortcuts are something we would never consider at Clearlight Infrared Saunas.


At Clearlight Infrared we air dry the wood for our saunas and do not kiln dry it. Air drying is a much more stable way to dry the wood and ensures it will last a lifetime. Most other sauna companies kiln dry their wood as it is less expensive. Our air drying process means we are constantly monitoring the water content in the wood while it dries naturally. When it reaches the desired water content, only then is the wood used to make your sauna. This is a natural process and ensures that your sauna wood will remain stable and crack and warp free for life. Along with a lifetime warranty on your Clearlight Infrared Sauna you can rest assured that your sauna is a truly a once in a lifetime purchase.

Price vs. Quality

We have looked at most of the infrared saunas on the market from the low end to the high end. There is the old saying that applies: You get what you pay for. Clearlight Infrared Saunas are the highest quality infrared sauna on the market today, second to none. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll tell you why our saunas are superior. Buy with confidence… buy a Clearlight Infrared Sauna.


There is no product made today that cannot be cheapened and made to be worth less by inferior design, inferior materials and inferior workmanship


We will not compromise!

Shipping Policy

At Clearlight our goal is to make your infrared sauna buying experience simple, efficient and easy. Our promise is to ensure your total satisfaction. Shipping damage claims are rare, but they do happen. In the event of shipping damage we will promptly replace or fix the damage to your satisfaction. Should you need to return an item to us, please note our Cancellation and Return Policy below:


Visible Loss or Damage

Any external evidence of loss or damage that occurred during transit is considered visible loss or damage and should be noted on the bill of lading and signed by the carrier’s agent (driver).


Concealed Loss or Damage

Any damage that occurred during transit that was not visible at the time of delivery is considered concealed loss or damage. Due to rough handling in transit it is possible to damage the contents of a container without damaging the container. If such a situation occurs it is important to contact Clearlight Saunas immediately for instructions on how to handle the claim. If a claim is to be filed it is important to save the container that the damaged merchandise arrived in. You must open all received boxes and inspect products for concealed damage within 7 business days of delivery.


Receiving Your Shipment

When receiving your shipment it is important to do the following:


  1. Your shipment may consist of a number of individual boxes placed on a single pallet. The pallet will need to be separated to be unloaded. You sauna will be shipped with lift gate service with a scheduled appointment for delivery. The driver will move your sauna off of the truck.
  2. Check shipment for any visible damage to containers. If the boxes are dented, crushed, scratched, punctured, or cut it is very important to mark this on the bill of lading. If there is a possibility of damage it may be necessary to open the box and mark the actual damage on the bill of lading. It is important to be specific.
  3. Boxes that have been dropped may not show obvious signs of external damage. You may want to open these specific boxes before the driver leaves to ensure that the contents do not have concealed damage. The driver may refuse to allow you the time to open specific boxes – if this is the case, open the boxes as soon as possible, but not later then 7 days after the delivery, to inspect for damage.


Cancellation and Returns Policy

  1. If an order is cancelled prior to shipment, payment will be fully refunded. Note that we consider your product to be “shipped” when a Bill of Lading and tracking number have been generated for a freight carrier. After products are considered shipped, cancellations are treated as returns as described below.
  2. All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from our Customer Service Department. Please call 0118 324 1242 to obtain an RMA. No returns will be accepted or any credit granted without an RMA. To provide any credit or replacement units we must first have a chance to receive and completely inspect your return.
  3. Per our “30 Day Risk-Free Return Policy” returns will be accepted within 30 business days of product receipt. Shipping charges on returns shall be the responsibility of the customer and all returned items must be returned in “new” or “like new” condition, in undamaged original manufacturer’s packaging and with all original product manuals. After the product is received, inspected and verified to be in “like new” condition, a full refund will be provided on the product purchase price minus any original shipping charges and minus a 15% restock charge. For products sold with a “Free Shipping Promotion” the actual freight cost to originally ship the product will be deducted from your refund. No further fees to the ones stated above will apply.
  4. If you refuse an item delivered by a commercial shipping company for any reason other than damaged merchandise or a shipping error by us, the item shall be treated as a return and charges described in Section 3 above shall be applied.
  5. Most products come with a manufacturer’s warranty which is located in/on their packaging or in their documentation. We do not provide any warranty over and above the manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. Customer orders, private label or non-standard sauna models are non-refundable.

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Clearlight Saunas UK Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales, 10258564
Unit 1, West Links, Tollgate Business Park, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 3TG
United Kingdom




Registered office:

Clearlight Saunas UK Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales, 10258564
Unit 1, West Links, Tollgate Business Park, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 3TG
United Kingdom


Authorised Directors:

Johannes Ketelhodt
Sebastian Mierau

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