20 Years Of Excellence

With these many years of experience, we’ve had time to perfect our sauna technology. Now you too can experience what professional athletes and health experts all over the world already know. We’ve got a sauna to suit every need.

All of our Infrared Saunas are made from finest eco-certified woods, use our unique Carbon/Ceramic Heater Technology for most effective infrared therapy and come with a lifetime warranty for private customers.


The Essential Range

The Clearlight Essential sauna range delivers maximum therapeutic benefit at an affordable price. Combining a classic design with our cutting edge infrared technology.


The Premier Range

Our Premier Cedar Saunas have been our main sauna line for the last 20 years. We consider this a high end Residential/Commercial grade sauna. With a timeless look and high quality construction, this sauna really is unmatched.


The Sanctuary Range

Innovation meets luxury with our newest infrared saunas. Featuring contemporary elegance and an expansive, open feel, the Sanctuary’s powerful Full Spectrum technology offers therapeutic levels of near, mid and far infrared heat.

The Portable Dome

Created with the same uncompromising approach that has underpinned our philosophy for the last 20 years, our Portable Infrared Sauna Dome is a class on its own. Equal parts therapeutic and flexible, it delivers maximum benefit by being portable and easy to store away when not used. 

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