Testimonials and customer feedback

I run a busy nutritional therapy practice just outside Dublin specialising mostly in complex, chronic, multi-system illness.
Some years ago, research and my own clinical work led me to an interest in the power of far Infrared sauna reviews.  Having studied the market and spoken with other well respected practitioners worldwide, I became convinced that Clearlight were and are the highest quality manufacturer in the game.  Attention to detail, quality materials and above all a resolution of the EMF issue (which we have verified by EMF meter testing repeatedly) distinguishes the Clearlight offering from other competing manufacturers.
We now work as resellers of Clearlight and to date both ourselves as clinicians and our own client base continue to be very pleased with the outcomes of investing in Clearlight.
We particularly recommend clients suffering with proven or suspected heavy metal toxicity; a variety of know or suspected chronic viral illness such as HHV-6, EBV etc; chronic multi-system illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue; Lyme and co-infections; various auto-immune presentations notably MS, RA and IBD;  and of course cancer, most particularly but not at all limited to any cancer which may be virus mediated.
Ultimately we believe that everybody who can afford one should really think about owning a Clearlight sauna.  It is a solid and enduring investment in your health: one we are proud to represent.

Conor Saunders, SmartEaters

My name is Charlie Woodburn and I’m a 44 year old rock climber and camera technician in the film industry. I have climbed first ascents and repeated some of the hardest climbs at home here in the UK and all over the world including USA, Nigeria, Cuba, South Africa and Australia. I have lived with the arthritic condition Ankylosing Spondylitis for all of my adult life which can at times severely restrict my ability to work on location, train hard for climbing and move efficiently on the rock, through pain and fatigue. Since discovering the benefits of Infra Red sauna, I have been stunned at how my pain levels have eased off and how much enhanced energy I have felt, including how much better I recover after training. Investing in my own IR sauna at home has been an obvious and logical step towards dramatically improving the day to day quality of my life and after studiously researching the field, Clearlight was the obvious choice. From the type and strength of the heaters, to the incredibly low EMF levels, to the choice of wood and build quality and lifetime guarantee Clearlight were the clear leaders of the pack with a reassuring length of experience on the industry. The sales team were hugely helpful in helping me make the right choice model to suit my requirements. I would recommend IR sauna to anyone who is serious about improving their health and wellbeing, but if you are serious about IR sauna, I would like to highly recommend Clearlight.

Charlie Woodburn, Professional Climber

Having looked on the internet for various saunas, I found Clearlight to be unique in their offering with a lifetime guarantee as well as the real health benefits of their sauna. The service has been extremely personal and friendly pre, during and post sales which gives you confidence that you are speaking to professionals.

Trupti Parekh

Our Clearlight Infrared Sauna Reviews clearly shows the importance of Infrared sauna in one’s life. It is an absolute pleasure to sit in the lovely heat of the sauna and we feel our wellbeing and vitality improve from every session.

Joginder & Markéta Bola, Editors of Tree of Life Magazine

We have a CE-4 that we bought for our home just this past March. I have been meaning to write and express my thanks. Thanks for your product, thoughtful service and help in picking the sauna that is right for my family. We got the sauna for several reasons-to help me with chronic pain from various injuries related to a motorcycle accident, to help with weight loss, overall mood improvement and moving to a more healthy lifestyle. On all fronts this sauna has proven to be the right choice. We could not be happier. My spouse loves the sauna especially in the winter and spring and I have had reduction in pain and improvement in my sense of well being as a result.

We got the CE-C because we wanted Nordic Spruce and it looks fantastic. And we love the low EMF readings; that was very important to us. We use it at least once a week and often every day. It’s where we go to sweat the workday away and it is a wonder at doing that. We don’t know what we would do without it or why we waited so long…. We also love the true wave technology, which we think is superior.

We looked hard at a lot of saunas including Therasauna and Sunlighten. Money was not a factor so we looked at features and performance. After a lot of careful research and more than a few emails to the companies to get even more information we decided on Clearlight. That was the right choice and I tell anyone who will listen that they Cshould get one whenever asked. I think your product is the best in terms of quality, technology and price and I would buy again if I ever needed another one.

Thanks again,


We are very satisfied with the sauna dome. We are enjoying the wellness benefits that we are familiar with from traditional saunas – and I feel no need to consult a physiotherapist as I did earlier.


Initially I was going to buy a much less expensive infrared sauna dome, but when i realised that it was made from plastics and solvent based glues I was concerned that it would give off carcinogenic gasses when heated. The organic materials used by Clearlight to make their dome do not produce VOCs when heated, and instead there is a lovely cedar aroma when heated due to the dome frame being made from organic cedar wood – such a pleasure!

I decided to buy an infrared sauna because I now have metastatic breast cancer and  some research indicates that there are health benefits from infrared saunas which may help to reduce cancer because  apparently cancer cells do not function well if overheated and they then become more vulnerable to chemotherapy.
Recently I have been unable to do my regular exercises and running, so the the sauna is also used to induce sweating which helps to detoxify the liver, thereby helping me expel the toxins from the chemotherapy I am taking. ( – I have extra fluids and electrolite salts after each sauna)

I chose the dome type of infrared sauna because this gives 360 degree infrared exposure close to your body which has been shown to be more effective for cancer treatment than the sitting type saunas. Laying down is also more relaxing.
I use the sauna at temperatures of aprox 35 to 40 degrees centigrade for no more than 30 minutes. I have not as yet tried to use the sauna to induce ‘hyperthermia’ ( – where very high body temperatures are used to replicate fever like conditions in hope of killing the cancer cells),  as this is potentially dangerous and I think that medical supervision is needed.
Another health benefit I have found of having an infrared sauna is the way that it induces complete relaxation. I have to say that I was very surprised that I enjoy having the saunas because as a child I had heat stroke and since then have not liked warm weather and never sunbathe. Perhaps having your head outside of the sauna prevents feeling overheated. I also keep my arms outside of the sauna because I have a risk of lymphoedema swelling in my arm if it is overheated. This allows me to use a cold wet cloth on my face if i do start to feel too warm, and sometimes I will read during the sauna, though I enjoy the sauna best listening to music or just sleeping. The timer on the sauna will switch off and beep when finished so you do not need to watch the clock.

 I am very happy with my Clearlight Infrared Sauna Dome. The Clearlight staff are also excellent.

Morgen, Cardiff

Best in class for detox, in my opinion.
After intensive research I recently bought from Clearlight Infrared Saunas. An infrared sauna Premier IS-3. I am delighted with my choice and highly recommend this sauna. The temperature doesn’t have to be very high to get you sweating profusely. It was easy to assemble, instructions for usage are clear, even for beginners. The customer service I received was outstanding, all my queries were answered immediately.  


Dear Johannes
Thank you for efficient and friendly service. We purchased a sauna dome, after having booked the treatments in U.K. and were so impressed by the results, we sought to purchase one for more frequent use at home. We placed the order and were delighted to receive the dome within a week and were surprised how easy it was to assemble. We were also very impressed by your follow up email checking everything arrived in order.
Huge thanks for the great and friendly service.

Kind regards
Judy E., Camebridge

Being in the market to buy an infrared sauna we looked at all the options available and found that the Clearlight Saunas looked the most appealing.
More expensive than the average but  they seem to have been in the market for many years and thus have had a lot of experience in infrared saunas. We  contacted Clearlight Saunas UK Ltd and spoke to Johannes who was very helpful.  we were a little sceptical about the supply as they did not have much of a track record here in the U.K.  After more communication we decided to proceed with the purchase, we were given a delivery date and a tracking number and as arranged our sauna was delivered. From the time of unloading the 3 big boxes we could see that the quality of the product was reflected in the packaging, very professional. We then proceeded to unpack and assemble our sauna. Three of us took about 2 hours to build the unit, it is very easy as everything just slots together and all the wires are  marked. Easier and quicker than building a flat pack wardrobe, with less stress.
We are now enjoying our Sauna and will not hesitate to recommend both the product and the service that we got from Johannes.

Review from Keith DC., Shropshire.

The Clearlight Dome is an amazing product, high quality build with robust functionality and very easy to use.  The UK team are extremely helpful, informative and professional. Many Thanks to them.

 Peter Jane, Hull,  Detox and Klenz.

My name is Charne and I am the owner of 2 x Slimming and wellness salons in East Anglia, UK. I bought my first Sauna dome from Clearight at the end of 2014 after much research. My customers love the sessions and come regularly for their “fix” as they call it. I have customers that use it for health benefits such as Arthritis, muscle pain and sprains. Then I have the health conscious ladies who love to detox for healthy body and mind. One of my ladies have Lyme’s disease and has found relief from the sauna dome as metals are released from her body. As I specialise in Nutrition, I always advise a course of 6 x sessions to eliminate toxins from the body.

Charne V. Vollenstee, Owner of Curvy Contours, East Anglia

We use the sauna every day and it has become part of the daily “health” ritual. It actually fits very well into our large living room and has also become a point of interest for family and friends who have also enjoyed the experience.
For us it is all about the “Detoxification” process and we are relying very much on the Sanctuary to assist us in reaching the required level. The Sanctuary is also a place to relax and enjoy the peace of the surroundings whilst becoming gently warmed. This is the first sauna that I have used where I can comfortably sit for 20 minutes and not feel uncomfortable because of the heat. Traditional saunas tend to be too hot and not relaxing. I have also noticed that after jogging it is the place to go if you want to avoid any aches and pains the following day.

Kamila uses the Sanctuary for her meditation and spends at least 40 minutes in it to enjoy the experience. She has also noticed that she is less prone to catching a cold as she spends time in the sauna and the symptoms seem to vanish.

Kamila & Graham

Received the sauna the other day. The unit is top quality and we are very happy with the care you show in materials and the excellent way you pack it for shipping. Man, the strength of this unit when put together with your clips is amazing. A truly beautiful sauna and exceeds your statements on quality, material and everything connected with your company. We are very happy.

Reverend Ralph,

We received it and it was in great shape. I was very impressed with the workmanship and the attention to detail. It went together very easy and everything fit perfectly. I think it took me about 30 minutes to assemble, it actually took me longer to uncrate it than it took me to put it together. It is evident that your staff takes pride in their workmanship. I want to thank your company for an excellent product.

HV, Ohio

We are very pleased with the Clearlight Sauna. Once we got it out of the box and down to our lower living area, it took just minutes to assemble. The hard part was getting it downstairs.

    We are impressed with the quality and workmanship of the unit–looks as if it was built to last a lifetime. I’ve been using it pretty much every day; My Wife every other day.

    Thank you for your responsiveness throughout the process; we’ve already recommended Clearlight to a few of our friends in the Sacramento area.

    We’ll keep you posted as we continue to use our sauna…thanks again!


Yes ease of assembly, I took a total of 35 minutes with a helper to assemble. It took longer to read the manual. Great looking unit… Thanks


I must tell you that the sauna is more than I expected. The workmanship that you put into your saunas are excellent. I had no problem putting it together either as a matter of fact it only took 30 minutes and that included unpacking it. I have used it almost every night since I put it up and I must tell you I feel like a new person. Once again thank you for such an exceptional product and your expertise on the Clearlight Infrared Sauna.

I would recommend Clearlight Saunas to anyone with an interest in purchasing one.
P.S. My mother said WOW!!!!

Thank you,

Just a short note to let you know that I am just as thrilled now about my sauna as the day I got it. It’s been a year now since I got my Dream Sauna, and I want to thank you once again for such a exceptional product!!!!!


This is just an update about my IS-3 sauna. It’s been 4 years since I purchased my sauna from Sauna Works and I have no complaints at all. The workmanship of this product is amazing. I believe when you say lifetime warranty that’s a fact. The sauna will outlast me in my lifetime!!!!

Thanks once again,

I want to thank you very, very much for your services that you gave to me. I installed the sauna, it’s the IS-3, and I’ve got to say the craftsmanship is outstanding and it is a very, very nice unit. I’m very happy with it. And I want to thank everyone that was involved with doing all this professional service for me. Again, thank you and I am very happy with the unit, and the craftsmanship is just excellent. Thank you again.


When we upgraded the sauna in our day spa from a 2-person to the corner sauna our customers were awed! Clearlight Saunas are truly beautiful and work fantastic. The attention to detail is noticeable and the benefits that my customer feel are remarkable.

Thanks again for your excellent service. We recommend you to all of our customers.


As a healthcare provider, I have been familiar with the health benefits of IR light for years. I appreciated that Clearlight saunas didn’t just talk about the potential benefits but provided references for the recent research regarding these benefits.

    Thanks again for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you. Your customer service is beyond my expectations. That is something that doesn’t happen very often.
– JA
Doctor of Chiropractic

Just to say thanks for all your help in my infrared sauna decision-making. I have to tell you that my gut instinct was Clearlight from the beginning and that became more and more clear in my conversations with you and in comparing other companies. It is such a comforting feeling to know for sure that I made the right choice – hands down.

    My sauna is up and running as of last night and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. One of my massage clients had the privilege of using it today even before I did. As soon as she left I was in it and I’m as impressed as she was – I’m pretty confident you will be hearing from her soon. My client’s sister is in the market soon for a sauna as well and was planning to buy one from Sam’s Club. Not anymore though – she has been enlightened.

    Also my sister from Arizona is visiting this weekend and I have a feeling they will be customers as well. I told my son I was going to “sell” enough saunas to pay for my own! Wouldn’t that be nice! I do love to promote what I believe in.

    Anyway, thanks again. I know you must be very pleased to be involved with such a quality company.


Massage Therapist

I’m actually usually not one to do this sort of thing but I wanted to let you know it’s been on my mind lately to get in touch with you both and let you know how happy we are with our sauna. We’ve had it for about two years now and we’ve never had a service issue. We use it constantly and I am in a wellness ecological practice and I use the sauna all the time professionally with my clients and get phenomenal feedback from people.

    It’s incredibly reliable. We’re so pleased that there are no glues, there are no issues with toxicity with the sauna. It’s really been just a corner stone of my practice. I’m very happy to have it and I look forward to products from you in the future. Thank you.

– JB

In choosing a Sauna, I shopped the Internet. CLEARLIGHT was the obvious winner for nice designs, state-of-the-art sauna technology and quality construction. Believe me, I checked them all.

    I ordered the unit and received it within a week. I set it up easily with my son in an hour. The beauty of the sauna is striking, and the aroma of the cedar is like being in another world. The speakers wer built in, at no extra cost, so are the lights and the remote control.

    If you want a state-of-the-art sauna that looks like a work of art and creates a microenvironment that’s totally relaxing, I recoemmend CLEARLIGHT. About two weeks after I got it, a representative of the company contacted me to make sure everything was OK. What a company!



Richard Bekk

Charlie Woodburn uses his Clearlight Infrared Premier 1-Person Sauna to recover from his professional climbing activities. “Since discovering the benefits of Infra Red sauna, I have been stunned at how my pain levels have eased off and how much enhanced energy I have felt, including how much better I recover after training.”

Keith has converted and old room into their wellness retreat. The Clearlight Infrared Sauna Sanctuary 3-Person sits next to their hut tub.