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Clearlight® Full Spectrum Upgrade Heater

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What do I need to know about the installation of my Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna?

The 5-person Outdoor Sauna has a combined weight of 476kg and 2-person Outdoor Sauna has a combined weight of 350kg. Therefore, as a safety precaution, 3-4 persons may be required for lifting, holding and general installation.

You will need at least 2 people to carry out the installation, however due to the size and weight, it would be helpful having an additional person. The installation itself is not difficult. For all saunas, a level floor is important to get the door alignment correct. Check the flooring prior to installation and possibly level it out prior to install your Clearlight Infrared Sauna.

What's the Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna Anchoring Kit for?

Your sauna comes with an anchoring kit that gives added protection for the sauna roof in extremely windy weather conditions. This diagram will help you to decide how to fix the anchoring kit to the area which you will be preparing.

How should the Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna roof cap be installed?

The roof cap system is designed to allow water to run off the back of the roof. If the roof is not placed correctly, the water will pool on the roof and may cause damage to the sauna.

How should I protect my Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna?

A sauna cover will be provided free of charge upon every outdoor sauna purchase and the use of the sauna cover is mandatory for all the outdoor saunas to maintain the warranty. For the warranty to be valid, the following condition must be met:

1. Your Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna is protected at all times by a Clearlight® Waterproof Sauna Cover.

If you choose to not use the provided Outdoor cover, your sauna must be housed under adequate shelter or in a weatherproof structure.

What kind of surface should I install the Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna onto?

The Sanctuary Outdoor Saunas must be installed on a firm surface that can support the weight, (with or without people in it).

A deck is the ideal surface, as the gaps between the decking slats allow for any moisture to escape, should any rain hit the surface of the deck.

Similarly, if placing the Outdoor Sauna onto a concrete slab, please make sure there is sufficient drainage to ensure any moisture drains away from under the floor.

The sauna must not be placed on any surface that allows for moisture to collect underneath. Select a surface that allows water to drain away to avoid moisture building up and “wicking” up into the sauna from underneath the flooring.

DO NOT position the sauna directly onto grass or any other soft surface where the sauna can settle, and compromise the integrity of the structure.

Choosing the right location for your Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna

The Outdoor Sauna is defined as “outdoor” because the walls are thermally insulated and therefore have thicker walls, for colder climates.

While the Sanctuary Outdoor saunas are designed to be placed outdoors, we highly recommend choosing a location without excessive exposure to rain, or that is prone to flooding. The Outdoor Saunas is splash resistant, but not weatherproof.

Please note: By International Standards, the Outdoor Sauna has an IPX WATERPROOF RATING of 4 : “Protected from splashing water from any angle”.

Will I have infrared heaters all around me in my Clearlight® Premier Infrared sauna?

Absolutely. You Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Saunas is equipped with our True Wave II Heaters all around you. You have heaters in the back wall, side walls, leg area and in the floor. There’s also an additional heater next to the door to ensure you have heat coming from the front. If you after more intensity from the front you can also get the Full Spectrum Heater Upgrade.

What heater technology is used in this Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna?

All Premier and Essential Clearlight® Far Infrared Saunas come with our unique True Wave II Carbon and Ceramic Heater Technology. They are low-EMF heaters that produce the majority of the infrared spectrum around the 9.4 microns, which is the ideal wavelength in the far infrared spectrum.

If you are interested in Full Spectrum Infrared heat you can also purchase the 300W Full Spectrum Heater Upgrade, which attaches to the door. No electrician needed to install it, just plug it in and enjoy Full Spectrum Infrared Heat.

What type of wood is used for my Clearlight® Sanctuary Outdoor Infrared Sauna?

The inside of the Clearlight® Sanctuary Full Spectrum Outdoor Infrared Saunas are made from eco-certified (FSC-certified) Canadian Cedar wood. We use the highest quality wood (Grade A), and colour match the wood prior to the manufacturing process. This ensures best quality and superior aesthetics for all Sanctuary Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas.

The exterior cabin is made from Cedartec® (engineered wood) to ensure a good durability and high quality.

What type of wood is used for my Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna?

The Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Saunas are made from eco-certified (FSC-certified) Canadian Cedar wood. We use the highest quality wood (Grade A), and colour match the wood prior to the manufacturing process. This ensures best quality and superior aesthetics for all Premier far Infrared Saunas.

For the Premier basswood Saunas we use hypoallergenic basswood of superior quality.

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