June 21,2022
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What's The Difference: Sanctuary Vs. Premier

Features and benefits comparison of our two favorite sauna models

If you’re looking at having a Clearlight Infrared® Sauna for your home or business, then ensuring you’re investing in the right sauna for you and your family is crucial.

After deciding on the size of your sauna, and thinking about the best place to put your sauna in your home, the next decision is choosing the right sauna model for your needs.

We have 3 distinct sauna models for you to choose from. The first is the Sanctuary Full Spectrum Sauna model, the second is the Premier Far Infrared Sauna model, and lastly is the Outdoor Full Spectrum Sauna model.

In this comparison, we will be looking at the indoor sauna models: Sanctuary Sauna and Premier Sauna.

What’s the difference between Sanctuary and Premier?

There are four main differences that a buyer needs to be aware of.

  1. The aesthetics
  2. The technology
  3. The cost
  4. The sizes

What is the aesthetic difference between the Sanctuary and Premier?

The Sanctuary Sauna model is a contemporary, Italian-inspired design that boasts our signature tempered glass front and ceiling, allowing the environment to blend seamlessly with your sauna experience.

Not only does this feature look stunning, but it also holds well for anyone who feels slightly uncomfortable in small or confined spaces.

The Premier Sauna model is an original, log-cabin design that serves all aesthetic purposes of a traditional sauna, bringing forth the experience of a Finnish sauna.

With an entire cedarwood front except for the glass door, not only does this beautiful sauna fit any cabin home, but also looks great in timber-featured areas.

What is the technical difference between the Sanctuary and Premier?

The most notable difference between the two saunas is the technology used inside.

While the Sanctuary model utilises both True Wave™ Far Infrared heaters and True Wave II™ Full Spectrum infrared heaters, the Premier model utilises only the True Wave™ Far Infrared heaters. 

Another notable difference in the technology is that the Sanctuary model comes with a medical-grade chromotherapy upgrade, while the Premier model has basic coloured light options.

It's important to know that the True Wave Full Spectrum Heaters and the medical grade chromotherapy can be added to a Premier model by utilising the Clearlight enhancement feature.

Clearlight enhancements allow for additional add-on upgrades to both the Sanctuary and Premier models.

One technological feature that isn’t upgradeable as a later purchased add-on is the internal coolbox/charging station.

The Sanctuary models include a heat-proof, recessed charging station for your smartphone and tablets.

It also provides the Sanctuary models with wi-fi/Bluetooth connectivity and provides access to the Clearlight app allowing features of pre-heating and remote control from a smartphone device.

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What is the cost difference between the Sanctuary and Premier?

One distinct difference between the Sanctuary and Premier models is the price.

Due to the additional technology, and the full-frontal tempered glass door and ceiling, the Sanctuary models are anywhere between 20-25% more expensive than the Premier models compared to their sizes.

Both the Sanctuary and Premier models are extremely cost-efficient to use.

On that note, the sizing is also slightly different. On average, the Sanctuary Saunas are larger in size per respective sauna model, due to the design of the tempered glass front and ceiling.

In saying that, the size difference is unnoticeable inside the cabin, but for space requirements, it will need to be considered.

If you're interested in an infrared sauna cabin for your home, click here to view our range of full-spectrum saunas, far-infrared saunas, and outdoor saunas and enquire about the price and dimensions.

Clearlight would like to remind users that this should not be taken as direct medical advice, and you should always consult a licensed health practitioner before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or existing pain treatment regimen.

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