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3 Steps to Buy an Infrared Sauna in Belfast

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Buying an infrared sauna in Belfast could never be easier. Begin by choosing which sauna you would like to purchase.

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Once you choose your Belfast sauna simply get in touch with our friendly team to purchase your desired sauna.

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After you buy your infrared sauna for your Belfast home, we will deliver it straight to you. Installation is optional.

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What Is the Best Infrared Sauna To Buy

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Near Infrared Sauna

Clearlight® Sanctuary Sauna range utilises Full-Spectrum Infrared, Near-Infrared, Mid-Infrared and Far-Infrared.

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Far Infrared Sauna

Clearlight® Premier Sauna range utilises the True-Wave Far Infrared heater panels. Upgrades to Full-Spectrum are available.

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Outdoor Infrared Sauna

Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna range utilises Full-Spectrum Infrared Heaters and can be used outdoors all-year round.

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Infrared Sauna Belfast For Sale

Clearlight® Infrared Saunas International distributes Jacuzzi® Saunas across the entire Belfast region. Following the steps above you can view your Clearlight® Far Infrared Sauna, Clearlight® Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, and Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna with ease. Talk to our friendly sales team about our upcoming infrared sauna sale Belfast.

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Best Infrared Sauna Belfast

View our most popular Infrared Saunas, the Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna. The perfect features for accompanying your Belfast backyard.

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Infrared Saunas
Near Me Belfast

We have a number of commercial locations available in central Belfast and the greater Belfast area. Please contact us to find out more and book your session today.

  • Eastern Suburbs Nimbus & Co Belfast
    Wildfire Wellness
  • CBD & Greater Region Cultivate Recovery
    Koa Recovery
    City Cave Bella Vista
  • North Belfast Rimba Sweat
    Naoki Hair & Beauty

If you visit our commercial partners, we will reimburse your Belfast infrared sauna session after you purchase with us.

  • Keep the tax invoice of your single sauna session at a commercial partner.

  • On your purchase with us we will reimburse you for that session.

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What Our Clients Say

  • I got a Clearlight Sauna a couple of weeks ago after a lot of research into infrared saunas. Decided on Clearlight due to very low EMF. I bought essential 1 and add on full spectrum heater. Absolutely delighted with my purchase and so happy I chose Clearlight. They kept me updated with delivery progress, e-mails regarding tips and benefits of using Sauna and sent e-mail asking how I was getting on with it. If you are buying an infrared Sauna do your research first. I would only recommend Clearlight. Very happy.
    Testimonial from Infrared Sauna Customer Rita Rita, United Kingdom
  • My Clearlight Dome sauna is the ultimate healing/relaxing/detoxing tool; I use it every day! It has beautiful design & technology, made with love & care. The company also has great & friendly service.
    Testimonial from Infrared Sauna Customer Matthias Matthias, United Kingdom
  • Clearlight Saunas looked after us so very well right from the start when we were deciding which model to buy through to delivery and assembly. The entire team are caring and helpful and of course professional. The product itself is made beautifully and, wait for it, works a treat! We love the experience and only after a couple of weeks we are feeling the benefit. We train in our gym and do yoga and play loads of golf and the infrared saunas put us back together again. We highly recommend these saunas and this company.
    Testimonial from Infrared Sauna Customer Rod and Mary Rod and Mary, United Kingdom
  • We love our new Clearlight Infrared sauna dome, it’s compact and easy to store. We found it wonderful to be able to lie in the sauna with my head outside the sauna–It is super relaxing. After my sessions my skin feels soft and smooth, it’s my natural beauty program. The provided service was perfect, all needs and discussed dates were fulfilled as I wished it to. I do recommend the produce and the service very much.
    Testimonial from Infrared Sauna Customer Petra ten Bosh Petra ten Bosh, United Kingdom