What is an infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas are wooden cabins or booths that are equipped with infrared heaters which raise your body temperature and cause you to sweat. This is in contrast to traditional (or “Finnish”) saunas, which use steam to heat the air around you. The result is a detoxifying, pleasantly warm, relaxing experience that provides numerous health benefits

Read more details on the science behind infrared therapy here.

How does an infrared sauna work?

Infrared saunas use invisible infrared light to provide warmth and promote healing in the body. Infrared light, which is on the electromagnetic spectrum, is absorbed by the body and converted into thermal energy. It passes through your skin and into fat cells, which helps your body rid itself of toxins stored in those cells.

What are the benefits of using an infrared sauna?

The health benefits of using an infrared sauna include improved circulation, detoxification, faster recovery from injuries, reduced inflammation, stress and fatigue reduction, boosted immune system, better heart health, improved appearance of skin, and even weight loss and increased metabolism.

Are infrared saunas safe?

Infrared saunas are completely safe to use. Infrared wavelengths are so safe that they’re even used in hospitals to keep newborns warm! Additionally, Clearlight© infrared saunas have virtually zero EMF and ELF and are crafted out of certified non-toxic materials.

However, there are some groups that should be cautious about using infrared saunas. Pregnant women and people with heart conditions or metal implants should consult their doctor before using their Clearlight©.

What makes your infrared saunas different from traditional saunas?

The difference between infrared saunas and traditional saunas is the way they produce heat. While infrared saunas utilise infrared light to warm the body directly, traditional saunas generate heat by warming the air with steam. Infrared saunas typically operate at lower temperatures and provide a less humid and more comfortable sauna experience than traditional saunas.

How do I install an infrared sauna?

Assembly of your Clearlight infrared sauna is quick and easy. All you’ll need is a screwdriver and the allen wrench that comes delivered with your sauna. 

Watch the tutorial and learn more about installing an infrared sauna here.

What size options are available for your infrared saunas?

Our infrared saunas range in size and can fit between 1 to 5 people. View our saunas page for an overview of all of our sauna models.

What is the recommended usage time for an infrared sauna session?

The recommended usage time for an infrared sauna session is around 25 minutes. We’d suggest using your sauna three times a week for a minimum of three months straight. The temperature should be set around 55ºC, but this can also vary depending on personal preference.

Read our blog article for more information.

What temperature settings are available?

Our infrared saunas can go up to 80°C, but they’re designed to be most therapeutic at temperatures of 45°C to 55°C. 

An infrared sauna’s max temperature is limited by its surrounding ambient temperature. In colder climates and outdoor locations, our saunas may only reach temperatures in the 50s, whereas in hot climates or in indoor spaces, they may reach the high 60s to 70s.

Read a breakdown of infrared sauna temperatures in this article.

Do infrared saunas require special electrical wiring?

No, infrared saunas from Clearlight don’t require special electrical wiring. Depending on the size of your infrared sauna, all it requires is a standard-sized electrical socket. Please view the ‘specifications’ section on our individual sauna pages for more information.

How much does running an infrared sauna cost?

Running an infrared sauna costs less than you might think! Compared to a traditional Finnish sauna, you could save up to £500 a year in electricity costs.

Use our calculator to determine how much it would cost to run an infrared sauna from Clearlight in your home.

Can infrared saunas help with weight loss?

Multiple studies have shown that infrared saunas can help with weight loss, in part because saunas rid the body of toxins that prohibit weight loss. 

Find out how long to use your infrared sauna for weight loss here or check out how many calories you’ll burn in your sauna with our handy sauna calorie calculator.

How do I clean and maintain my infrared sauna?

Cleaning and maintaining your infrared sauna is as easy as wiping down the bench with a towel and using glass cleaner and a wet cloth to clean the glass panels.

Watch our tutorial on how to clean and maintain your infrared sauna here.

What is your warranty policy for infrared saunas?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our infrared saunas for residential use.

Commercial partners receive a 5-year warranty. Please view our warranty policy page for details.

Do you offer financing options for purchasing an infrared sauna?

We do not currently offer financing options for purchasing an infrared sauna. For more information on paying for your sauna, please get in touch with one of our sauna experts.

What is the shipping and delivery process for infrared saunas?

Your new infrared sauna from Clearlight will arrive at your home roughly 4 to 7 working days from the date it leaves our warehouse. If the sauna is not in stock, however, the waiting time for sauna delivery can be up to 8 weeks.

Our freight carrier will call to schedule an appointment to deliver your sauna so you have plenty of time to prepare for its arrival. Your sauna will be delivered on a lorry with a tail lift to ensure that any possibility of damage is minimised.

Our saunas are kerbside deliveries, which means that the driver can’t carry the boxes inside your home. Installation will take between one to three hours depending on the chosen model and size.

For more information about the shipping and delivery process for infrared saunas from Clearlight, please get in touch with our customer care team.

Can I customise my infrared sauna with additional features or accessories?

You can customise your infrared sauna with a variety of add-ons. Our red light tower is one of our most popular accessories!

Visit our add-ons page for a complete overview of the additional upgrades we offer.

Do you offer installation services?

We do offer installation services! Please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to arrange installation for you.

What is your return or exchange policy for infrared saunas?

We offer 30-day returns on all of our infrared saunas. Please see our warranty policy for more information.

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