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We now offer our state-of-the-art True Wave™️ low EMF heaters available as a kit so you can build your own infrared sauna or convert your existing infrared sauna.

We adapt the kit individually to your room. Just give us a call or fill out the form below. All of our sauna kits include:

Are you looking to build your own infrared sauna from scratch, convert an existing room or structure, or have a complete custom build for a commercial or large scale project?

Introducing the Clearlight Sauna Kit, an all in one solution to meet your aesthetic design needs whilst providing the most advanced infrared sauna technology.

  • Patented True Wave Heaters
  • Digital Countrol Pad
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Power Adaptor
  • Recommendations
  • Manual

With over twenty years of experience manufacturing and distributing luxury infrared saunas across the globe, we've been able to create an all-in-one DIY sauna kit, suitable for personal or large scale commercial projects.

We can provide this because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to develop their personal wellness sanctuary with the best possible materials, technology and guidance available on the market today.

Building an infrared sauna?

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The Costs Involved To Build An Infrared Sauna

The cost of each infrared sauna kit varies depending on the scale of the project. It's important that you correctly measure out the space you would like to convert and provide our experienced team with the correct details in the form below.

This is because we've developed a unique preparatory software program that calculates the correct amount of heaters needed to provide our standard of thermuregulation and theraputic benefits of patented infrared heaters.

Other cost considerations are; materials for the build if any, your time or the cost of a contractor, a certified electrician to check electrical components have been correctly installed and any additional add-ons such as chromotherapy, speakers, red light therapy or aromatherapy.

Choosing Wood For Your Infrared Sauna

A big advantage of the do-it-yourself kit is, of course, that you can choose the wood for your infrared cabin yourself. The following list gives you a brief overview of the types of wood that we recommend to our customers for self-construction:

Cedar wood

The finished infrared cabins from Clearlight are almost all made of cedar wood because it is particularly resistant to moisture. In addition, cedar wood hardly reacts to temperature fluctuations. In other words, it is the all-rounder for use in heated cabins.

Linden wood

In contrast to the woods already mentioned, linden tree has the advantage of being odorless. Many people who are sensitive to a strong wood aroma are well advised to use linden wood. Furthermore, there are only very few knotholes in linden trees, which gives the wood a nice, even look.


Spruce is one of the cheaper types of wood (along with pine) and is therefore perfect for all savers. The spruce wood should rather be used in a frame, as it tends to bend when there are large temperature fluctuations.


Eucalyptus wood is well suited for outdoor saunas because it is very resistant thanks to its hardness. Similar to cedar wood, you don't have to worry about eucalyptus that it will bend if the temperature changes significantly.

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5 Steps To Planning Your DIY or Custom Build Infrared Sauna

A few easy-to-implement steps are necessary so that you can build your own infrared sauna using our sauna kits. Here are some important planning points for you to consider, so that you can start your project as quickly as possible:


1. Measuring the room

Taking the right measurements is the first, and the most important step in planning your infrared sauna build. Every aspect of your build depends on how much space you have, from the power supply, temperature and number of heaters, to the amount of building materials and time needed for the build.


2. Seating arrangments

For some people, a small bench is sufficient, while others cannot do without a wider bench for the comfort of laying down. We recommend using it primarily while sitting, as usually your infrared heaters will be optimised for this position. Think in advance about the seating in the interior of your sauna.


3. Door spacing

Should the door be on the left, in the middle or on the right? This decision plays a pivital role on the overall appearance, aesthetic and feel of the sauna, and also is dependant on the conditions of the respective room or space.


4. Choice of infrared heaters

At Clearlight you can choose between our patented carbon ceramic emitters for pleasant far infrared. Our full-spectrum emitters will soon be available for do-it-yourself kits. Our team will be happy to advise you on the various offers.


5. Choosing extras

After the most elementary components have been planned, the question still arises as to whether and which extras should be built in. For example, we have the option of ordering colored light (including chromotherapy light) or our near-infrared red light therapy.

Frequenty Asked Questions About The Sauna Kit

Do-it-yourself infrared sauna kits are available for all room sizes, from large commercial rooms to small private rooms.

Do-it-yourself kits are available for all room sizes, from large commercial rooms to small private rooms.

We will adapt the space to your needs

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